Jennifer Aniston's Going Topless

Aug 31st, 2010

Looks like Jennifer Aniston will resort to a full frontal scene to get people to see one of her movies for once. The comedic actress will shoot the film Wanderlust this fall. Paul Rudd will play Jen's hub. The couple decide to stay overnight at an inn, end up staying, and live like hippies for a while.

What does that entail? Prepare yourself: you’ve definitely never seen Jennifer Aniston like THIS before. For starters, the 41-year-old actress goes full frontal! Yup, that’s right - while protesting a new Wal-mart, Jen rips off her shirt and goes topless to stop a slew of bulldozers! Secondly, she takes the term ‘free love’ VERY literally. Not only does she sleep with every other guy on the commune, but she has a threesome with two WOMEN, one of whom happens to be pregnant!

And for some reason, we still don't see or hear Oscar buzz.

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