Jennifer Aniston's Rumored Boyfriend Justin Theroux Has A Longtime Girlfriend

Jun 09th, 2011

Jennifer Aniston has been gallivanting around town with Justin Theroux - but there's one little problem. Justin has been dating Hollywood stylist Heidi Bivens for years say sources. In fact, Heidi's mom, Marilyn Bivens, has confirmed to a reporter that the two are still very much a couple and claims that Justin has insisted that rumors of an affair with Jen are just a "big, big misunderstanding."

But an insider revealed that Jen and Justin, who were “friends only” until recently, have now taken things “a step further.” The two were spotted getting cozy at the Hollywood’s Sunset Tower Hotel. Days later, they reportedly spent the weekend together at Jen’s Beverly Hills mansion and Jen recently threw a party at her home so she could introduce Justin to pals.

“They tried to keep everything top se­cret, but now Jen has stopped hiding him,” added the in­sider.

Honestly Jen's a moron if she's seeing someone in a relationship. Doesn't she remember what Angelina Jolie did to her?!

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