Jennifer Lopez And Ryan Seacrest Hate Each Other

Nov 05th, 2010

All is not well on the American Idol. Mainly because it's become some sort of spectacle rather than about the unknown talent. Ryan Seacrest banks $15 million a year and Jennifer Lopez is making $12 million a year...and this has got JLo's panties in a bunch. So what did she do? The 41-year-old entertainer negotiated a pay raise for herself every time Ryan, 35, gets a salary boost and that has pissed him off.

"Ryan hasn't confronted J.Lo, but when he heard that her future raises are tied to his raises, he was furious," and insider divulged. "Basically, her contracts are hard wired so that when Ryan makes more money, she'll make more money. He doesn't like his salary being dragged into her contract negotiations, and he's upset about her tactics."

Since J.Lo's salary is linked to his, it may be more difficult for Ryan to get a raise in the future than it would be otherwise. As the Enquirer has reported, Ryan and Jennifer were recently forced to deny widespread reports that they were feuding even before the show began. But their rivalry is very real- and long-standing, said another source connected to the show. "As far as Jenny and her people are concerned, there's no question she is the bigger star," said the source.

Sad. Fox wastes this much money on people...because this 10th season is probably its last.

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