Jennifer Lopez Continues Her Diva-Like Ways, No Balloons Allowed!

Jul 22nd, 2009

Oh, Jennifer Lopez. Through Diddy, Ben Affleck, and now Marc never cease to amaze us. So why should we be surprised that balloons sent to you on set were refused by...well, you? How rudeeeee! REFUND!...

According to The Daily News that's just what Jenny from the block did. And why? Jenny's babies are too precious to be near helium...or so she thinks.

Jennifer Lopez must have a strict no-helium policy. When word spread through Tribeca that J.Lo had brought her twins to the set of "The Backup Plan," the nabe's kid-friendly Balloon Saloon sent the tots two bunches. J.Lo's bodyguard sternly refused them. .. (source)

We also hope to God that she's supposed to be fake pregnant for this film or else home girl's looking a little bloated. Forget Balloon Saloon, someone from Slim Fast send over a 12-pack STAT.

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