Jennifer Lopez Doesn't Want More Kids Because She Wants To Keep Her Hot Bod

Jun 26th, 2010

If Marc Anthony expects Jennifer Lopez to pop out any more pups, he better drug her, knock her out, and impregnate her while she's sleeping because Jenny from the block ain't havin' it. Seems like Marc is desperate for more kids while JLO would rather not because she doesn't want to ruin her new hot bod.

"Jennifer doesn't want to wreck her new hot body," dishes an insider. "She loves children and always imagined she'd have a big family. But she has no desire to pork up again -- especially as she struggled so badly to lose the 50 pounds she gained last time. She was huge when she was expecting and had to practically kill herself to get back into shape."

But the singer/actress realizes that her baby-making days may be numbered, as she'll be 41 in July. And "she's suggested to Marc that if they do decide to have more children, maybe they should use a surrogate. He's not sure but Jennifer usually gets her own way." (Print Edition - 6/21)

I'm over JLO. I have been since 2002...the last time she was even remotely relevant.

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