Jennifer Love Hewitt is Needy

Jan 09th, 2009

As we all know, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ross McCall split up last weekend, but most of us were asking why!? Ok, only some of us were. Well, the bird is out of the coup, Jennifer Love Hewitt is way to needy for McCall. Plus, look at this set of picture below, not once was he gazing into her beautiful eyes the entire time. Looks like someone fell out of love a long time ago. Good luck finding a new guy, just kidding, I give it 7 minutes.

Friends and co-workers of Jennifer Love Hewitt are saying the "Ghost Whisperer'' star should be re-evaluating her approach to men and relationships.

The gossiping about Hewitt's ''neediness'' and difficulty maintaining a long-term relationship comes after the collapse of her engagement to Ross McCall. The Scottish actor's timing reportedly wasn't the best -- telling Hewitt on Christmas Eve he was ending their yearlong engagement.

Another longtime friend of Hewitt blames the way she gets involved with men. ''Jennifer wears her emotions too much on her sleeve. She's too needy and often comes on too strong. I think the intensity of being with [Hewitt] finally is what scared off Ross.'' (source)

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