Jenny McCarthy And Demi Moore's Chick Fight

Nov 09th, 2010

Demi Moore wasn't too keen on some of the comments Jenny McCarthy threw out there while on The Joy Behar Show. In fact, according to The National Enquirer, Demi's incredibly peeved that Jenny would say anything about her who cares marriage to Ashton Kutcher.

"I'd tell (Demi) to do some investigation, investigate the [cheating] rumors and see if it's true. If it's true, I may need to re-evaluate this relationship," Jenny said during an interview on the "The Joy Behar Show."

When she heard about Jenny's comments, 47-year-old Demi freaked out, said a source close to her. "Demi couldn't believe Jenny had the audacity to discuss her marriage on TV," the source said. "She's desperately tying to distance herself from this whole sordid mess. The last thing she needs is another celebrity going through her dirty linen on a talk show.

As the Enquirer reported, Demi and Ashton recently vacationed together in Israel in part to put rumors of marital strife behind them. But Jenny's public comments sabotaged those efforts. Demi told her pal: "Clearly, Jenny feels it's OK to meddle with other people's relationships. I'll never forgive her."

Tell ya husband to keep it in his pants and none of this has to happen.

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