Jenny McCarthy's Doing Just Fine...In Jim Carrey's Mansion

Apr 12th, 2010

There's no such thing as a good break-up, but in the case of Jenny McCarthy & Jim Carrey's recent break up, something good did come out of it. Jenny gets to the keep the mansion Jim bought for her and her son. I'm lucky if I got old t-shirts from my ex-boyfriends to keep around.

No more sharing swimsuits for Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey. It’s over. But as we told you last summer, he didn’t leave her in the lurch. Jim bought Jenny and her little boy Evan a FIVE MILLION dollar house in Beverly Hills so they can always feel secure. That calculates to about a million dollars for each year they spent together. STAR magazine claims that Jim’s bouts of depression led to the split and certainly his moods have always been a challenge. At least he’s not a cheapskate.

That mansion is like chump change for Jim. Guy snaps his fingers and he gets paid $10 g's.

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