Jeremy Piven Eye On The Prize: Jessica Simpson

May 17th, 2010

Looks like Jeremy Piven's all a go when it comes to Jessica Simpson guest starring on Entourage. Maybe he was prepping his Ari Gold character? A source tells Us Weekly that Piven was very busy in between takes. He had his eyes right on her curves.

"In between takes, he was staring at Jessica's ass in the most obvious of ways," a witness tells "He wasn't being sly about it and would just watch her every move. He flirts with ugly girls, so you can imagine how crazy for Jessica Simpson he was. She almost seemed like she couldn't wait to change into her jeans, but she was a good sport about it and kind of laughed it off."

Of course she laughed it off, someone's finally giving her some prop on her curvy bod. While everyone's been busy giving her shizz, Jeremy's making sure Jess is very welcomed on set. Even if it means grabbing a cheek here or there.

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