Jessica Biel Throws the She-Hulk to the Side for 'Gotham' Magazine

Jun 09th, 2009

We have nothing against Jessica Biel (aside from the fact that she's tango-ing in between sheets with Justin Timberlake and that she deems her "beauty" keeps her from nabbing great roles--sweetie, you're just not that good of an actress), but we have to give her kudos for her Gotham magazine photo shoot.

Anyway, enjoy Jessica Biel's boob tease (or pectoral tease?) in the new issue. She obviously wants to show her boyfriend that she's not the dude in the relationship and she's the one bringing sexy back. But unfortunately we think she'll always be in his shadow.

And we have a shout out to Justin: Britney's not crazy anymore and she's looking good, can you please come in and rekindle the romance? We're in need of a late 90s/early 00s flashback.

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