Jessica Simpson Fights Back At Howard Stern's Negative Gabourey Sidibe Comments

Mar 15th, 2010

With a show about finding your inner beauty to promote, Jessica Simpson fought back against Howard Stern last week for making "inappropriate" comments about Precious star, Gibourey Sidibe. Last Monday, Stern took to his Sirius Satellite radio show to discuss Sidibe's weight, how she'll never work again, and in typical Stern fashion, just brutally bashed her image.

Outside of a hotel where Simpson was staying, she told E!:

"I'm actually surprised somebody had the cojones to say that. I just think that's really disrespectful."

"It's unfortunate because she walked the red carpet at the Oscars and she owned it," Simpson said of the Precious star. "She was beautiful. There was no denying that she did not think she was the most beautiful person on that red carpet. She was just owning that moment for herself. She had such confidence and I absolutely 100 percent think she could get anything in the world that she wants."

Howard's comments have caused uproar which is nothing unusual for the shock jock. Below is the YouTube clip of Howard discussing Sidibe. You might hate him for it---clear warning. But it's what he gets paid to do! Pure brutal honesty. Just like Jessica gets paid for finding ways to discuss beauty for promoting her new show. Check out the vid below:

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