Jessica Simpson Large & In Charge While Yelling 'The National Anthem'

Jul 07th, 2009

Jessica Simpson do us all a favor, get back to your Daisy Dukes era, stop singing, and shut the h up. While no one committed suicide upon hearing her horrible rendition of The National Anthem at some golf event last week, we're pretty sure our ears are ruined.

The chili cook-off chanteuse almost busted her dress open while singing at the AT&T National Golf Tournament in DC yesterday. There's no need to shout when you've got a microphone in your hand. You are not honoring Billy Mays by doing that, so just quit it. (source)

We're unable to post a video of this monstrosity so click the source to view it. Girl is about a potato chip away from busting out of her Freddy Krueger inspired two sizes too small dress. Tony Romo big ups (pun intended) for dealing with that.

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