Jessica Simpson, Put 'Em Away!

Apr 30th, 2010

Jessica Simpson. Dude, we all have known about your big chest since you stepped into the Hollywood scene. Must you continue to put your girls on display every chance you get? Not to mention, you're on a show whose host is a lesbian. Stop teasing Ellen Degeneres!

Wonder what the cost of beauty is when it comes to these!

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Bikini Mom on 05/03/2010 @ 21:57

Jessica is a beautiful young woman and thinks she looks fantastic even with her extra cleavage and weight. She seems to be going through some kind of self actualization or something since she walked out on Nick. Personally I think she made a mistake! Her career is definitely having some ups and downs.

Tiffany 1837 on 05/08/2010 @ 03:45

hope you can keep going!

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