Jessica Simpson Rules Out Broadway

May 02nd, 2011

Because you all have been saving your hard earned money to see Jessica Simpson on Broadway, right? Well, news flash: she won't ever be appearing there. We know you all must be heartbroken. Apparently, Jess just says she'd struggle to adapt to the routine of live theater.

Simpson's younger sister, Ashlee, made her debut in hit musical Chicago in London's West End in 2006 and she followed it up with a stint on Broadway.

But the Irresistible hitmaker is adamant she won't be following in her sibling's footsteps - as she is put off by the lifestyle restrictions that come with a regular role on the stage.

She tells Fox News, "(I wouldn't do Broadway) because I like to always switch it up, I can't stay in a regimen."

Ah, shucks.

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