Jessica Simpson Showcases Her True Dumba$$ness On QVC

Oct 27th, 2009

Train wrecks on TV, it likes opening presents on Christmas morning. It's just THAT good. Especially when that train wreck is Jessica Simpson trying to sell her bags on QVC when she can't even form a sentence to do so. We guess screwing Gerard Butler, bleaching so much it seeps into your brain, and losing your dog to a coyote can really get to a person.

Jessica truly did not score any points for herself Sunday night on QVC. (I saw it for myself because I spend way too much time watching QVC.)

Jessica was on to present one of her purses as the Today's Special Value, along with high heels and jewelry and hats and other things from her Jessica Simpson fashion line.

And I swear that she came off sounding like she didn't have a clue about what she was selling.

Sounds harsh? Well, consider that at one point she told QVC presenter Patti Reilly that "you know more about my bags than I do."

Oh lord.

A few minutes later Jessica's mom appeared on stage next to her to. My bet is that the QVC folks rushed mom out there to speak for her daughter because it quickly became clear who supplies the brains behind the line. (source)

And we unfortunately know more about your life than you even do, Jess. She's such a sad, washed up moron. Gotta love it.

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