Jessica Simpson Wants Billy Corgan To Knock Her Up

Dec 28th, 2009

If she wants to know why every guy ends up leaving her, take a look at this Jessica Simpson. You basically just want any penis in Hollywood or on the football field to knock your aging arse up. Run for the hills, Billy! Looks like you're only around for sperminating.

OK! reports:

As first reported exclusively by OK!, Jessica Simpson, 29, is dating Smashing Pumpkins singer-songwriter Billy Corgan, 42. But the question remains: What do they see in each other? “Since things got serious in November (after flirting at a party in L.A.), she’s telling her friends that she wants to have his children,” a source tells OK!.

“Not right this second, but eventually,” explains the insider. “She’s fallen for his personality, charm and mellow, artistic style.”

As for Billy, “he’s very caught up in Jessica’s mystique and believes this is a relationship worth pursuing.”

But Billy wants to take things slowly, adds the source. “He’s a brilliant man but a hard guy to constantly be around. It’s going to be very interesting to see how much of his personality and attitude she might take on.” (source)

This relationship is the funniest thing since dog face Lyle Lovett bagged Julia Roberts. Too young to know about that? Google it.

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