Jessica Simpson's Desperation = Another Man Bites The Dust, Gerard Butler That Is

Nov 12th, 2009

The rumor about Jessica Simpson and Gerard Butler fizzled out as quick as we thought them being a couple was true. We had a bet wondering about how long it would take poor ol depserate Jess to scare away her next victim. Looks like that was a success.

Seems like her blonde dizziness could only hang on to Gerard for so long. Home boy saw the exit sign and basically sprinted. Guess it's not worth the faux publicity after all.

So what went on between Jessica and Gerard? It was all too much, too soon. After just a couple of dates Jessica got too serious and, an insider says, Gerard ran — not walked — to the nearest exit.

“Jessica has a habit of getting too needy too soon, and she scares men away,” the pal tells BettyConfidential. “She’s desperate to not be alone and every guy she's dated since Nick complains about the same thing — she’s too needy.”

“After just three dates with Gerard, she was acting like a high school girl who was so into her boyfriend, while Gerard was treating it like a fling and telling pals how hot and sexy she was,” the insider says. “Jessica knew what he was saying about her, but didn’t care.” (source)

Awww shucks, Jess!

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