Jessica Simpson's Jealous Of Younger Sis, Ashlee Simpson

Apr 02nd, 2010

Another day, another Jessica Simpson body image issue. This time including her younger sis, Ashlee Simpson. Just seemed decent enough to post about today. It seems as though while Jessica wants everyone to believe she's embraced her curvy bod, she's truly jealous of Ashlee's slender self.

This "source" even claims Jessica's so upset that Ashlee's body is amazing at pregnancy, wishing she had the same fast metabolism. I can't believe I'm actually reporting this.

"Jessica wants everyone to believe she's learned to embrace her shape, but the truth is she'd give the world to have a skinny body like Ashlee's," a friend told The Enquirer. "Although Jessica claims her new show has helped her overcome years of body image issues, she's more insecure than ever about her looks."

"She's exercising like crazy with an intensive boxing, jogging and weight-lifting regimen, and she's following a strict no-sugar, low-carb diet. Yet she still can't can't lose the extra weight."

I think at this point Jessica either has to be anorexic or extremely obese for any of us to continue to give a whatever about her. I'm over it. Jessica there's one thing you can save yourself from being jealous of your sister about: her poor excuse of a husband.

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