Jessica Simpson's New Boyfriend Is Using Her

Aug 06th, 2010

Poor Jessica Simpson. Home girl is just totally unlucky in love even when she believes she's really found it. Jessica's closest friends are very weary of her new boy toy, Eric Johnson. They believe the ex-NFL tight end is out to use Jess for her fame and cash.

"I don't care if he's so smart and all that, I get the sense he's more interested in people knowing he's dating Jessica Simpson -- rather than truly caring about Jess herself and her needs," said one source.

Another Simpson intimate insists Johnson is a "fame whore ... the kind of guy who is really into dating famous women. I think it's a little suspicious that Eric dropped out of Wharton [Business School, where he's been pursuing an MBA program] just to be with Jessica. ... It just doesn't add up."

Something tells us he's going to try and get Jess to invest $100K in his so called college. And DUH helllllo! He's an EX NFL player. EX, not CURRENT...needs the mola!

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