Jesus Walks on Water for Madonna, Back Together?

Apr 20th, 2009

Does Jesus Luz have a resurrection for Madonna? Madonna and her boy toy, Jesus Luz, were spotted leaving the Kabbbalah Centre this past weekend, hand in hand. The couple dynamic duo, dined on Italian food at Morandi before calling it a night. Madonna breastfed the young child and burped him before they went to sleep. These two are on and off more than a light switch. Worst joke ever!

[Madonna and Luz] tucked into some Italian nosh at Morandi before leaving separately, only to link up once more in the back of Madge's waiting car. Earlier in the evening, they were seen leaving the Kabbalah center, once again avoiding being pictured together.

The pair have yet to confirm whether or not they are still an item, but the Brazilian model is certainly a dab hand at perking up his reported missus following her recent adoption woe. (source)

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