Jodie Sweetin Investigated for Substance Abuse, Ouch!

Dec 18th, 2008

Why does each female star from Full House go so insanely crazy the media kinda freaks out as well? What did Uncle Jessie really do to these girls and did Danny Tanner complicate the matter ten-fold? Jodie Sweetin recently underwent an emergency investigation as told by People,

...after a hearing, a judge made a temporary ruling Wednesday that Sweetin's custody over 8-month-old daughter Zoie must only be in Sweetin's parents' home (where she currently lives) or in her parents' presence. The court also ruled the estranged couple share custody 50-50 for now.

Her estranged husband, Cody Herpin, tells PEOPLE that his "main concern" is to "keep Jodie clean and safe." (source)

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