John Mayer Split Up Jessica Simpson & Tony Romo?

Jul 15th, 2009

The rumor mill is sure churning! OF COURSE John Mayer's name had to be thrown into the messy Jessica Simpson & Tony Romo break-up. But you know shizz is serious when your boyfriend dumps your once hott arse before your birthday weekend! And apparently it's all because of Mayer.

Rumor has it that the Dallas Cowboys all-star called it quits with Simpson after finding messages from her ex---cue in John.

Flying into Los Angeles on Thursday, Romo quickly made up for lost time with Simpson but their reunion quickly took a turn for the worse. “They were hanging out and he picked up her phone and she got defensive about it,” the source revealed. “Tony found messages from John and went ballistic.”

While the couple has had their fair share of rocky patches during their relationship, the idea of Simpson possibly cheating with Mayer was the straw that broke the camel’s back: “Tony dumped her right then. He walked out and that was it.” (source)

Then Tony went out, screwed groupies, and got over it pretty fast.

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