Josh Duhamel Tries To Take Fergie On A Romantic Getaway

May 19th, 2011

Many girls would love to marry a guy who looks like Josh Duhamel...and especially a guy who plans romantic getaways. For Fergie, this is her life, but that sexy trip didn't go according to plan for the married couple. Josh spilled the nasty deets to Ellen DeGeneres.

“My wife is very regimated,” Josh says detailing how he surprised her with a trip to La Paz, Mexico for their anniversary without telling her where they were going.

But it took a turn for the worse…

“She was like, oh this is the most romantic thing you’ve ever done. I can’t believe this. About three hours later she’s vomiting all over the place…She got sick for like a day and half. I was like, Happy Anniversary babe. I’m going to surf, but she felt better. She got over it.”

As for whether kids are on Josh’s brain? He says yes!
“I think two is a good number,” JD explains to Ellen, saying it’s a smaller amount of kids than he initially wanted. “You can give them the right amount of attention but whatever. We’re both from Catholic families we like to procreate”

Sounds tasty!

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