Jude Law & Sienna Miller Do One Thing Well Together: Fight

May 28th, 2010

It didn't work out once, it certainly didn't work out the second time, and although they say third time's charm, it's hard to believe when it comes to Jude Law and Sienna Miller's relationship. The two were spotted bickering, treating onlookers at a posh London bar to a public screaming match.

"They had this blazing row in front of everyone, and Sienna walked out. I couldn’t tell you what the row was about, but Sienna had a huge tantrum," another onlooker said. "It was quite dramatic. As soon as she left, Jude started blatantly chatting up another girl in the club at the bar. She was very pretty and was clearly delighted that this huge movie star was making a move on her. Then, after a while, Sienna came back. You should have seen her face when she saw Jude and this other girl."

Clearly these two wanted this story in the papers...streaming more publicity towards them. Good work, now go away. You and your receding hair line, Jude.

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