JWoWW's 'Jersey Shore 2' Bikini Bod

Apr 23rd, 2010

The Jersey Shore gang is in Miami filming the second season. And while they've found it hard to get into clubs (most have opted not to sign contracts where the cast can basically do as they please once inside and they are not held responsible for anything), they sure know how to rock the beaches. Helllllooo Jenni "JWoWW" Farley.

Are you guys excited for the second season? I'm thinking it's never going to outdo the orig. Now they all have even bigger ego's...at least it was funnier to laugh at these nobodies. Now we'll still laugh, but they have turned in to somebodies...even if we lie to ourselves and claim they haven't. Anyways, both Angelina and Snooki are there with JWoWW as well. Could it be that Sammi Swtheart decided to leave???

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