Kardashian Christmas Party Turns Into Oh Bloody Night

Dec 28th, 2009

Nothing says crazy Christmas like the Kardashian family. Of course only this fame hungry family would have some type of brawl outside of their home Christmas Eve night. And why you may ask? Because a probably more fame hungry neighbor wanted to snag some attention by opposing the valet service for the party.

According to TMZ:

Our sources say witnesses told police the neighbor appeared intoxicated as he protested the valet situation -- and at one point fell over and cut his face.

Sources close to the family tell us Pastor Brad -- the guy who married Khloe and Lamar -- was all about being Christian on Christmas and tried to help the neighbor up.

What he allegedly got for his good deed -- a right jab, courtesy of the neighbor. (source)

Who punches a pastor, honestly? On Christmas no less. Some guy who has the balls to question why'd he marry a humungoid like Khloe to begin with. Yowza. We're surprised Bruce Jenner didn't run the other way in fear of being punched in his highly botoxed face.

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