Kate Beckinsale Offered Role In "Total Recall" Remake

May 09th, 2011

Yes, another remake! Because Hollywood couldn't be anymore creative! Hottie Kate Beckinsale has been offered the lead female role in the "Total Recall" remake. The film already has Colin Farrell attached as Douglas Quaid, originally played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Beckinsale, in one of the film's two female lead roles, would play Lori, Quaid's loving wife-turned-vengeful-assassin, played by Sharon Stone in the 1990 version.

The other lead female role is freedom fighter Melina (played in the original by Rachel Ticotin), for which Eva Mendes and Rosario Dawson are rumored to be the top choices.

"Breaking Bad's" Bryan Cranston was recently announced as the film's main villain.

The film is based on the Philip K. Dick short Story "We Can Remember It For You Wholesale."


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