Kate Bosworth Lands Cotton Gig

May 04th, 2011

Kate Bosworth got a job and that's to flash her face all over our television screens. The actress will follow in the footsteps of Leona Lewis and Zooey Deschanel and will star in the next TV spot for Cotton...the fabric of ourrrrr lives. Oh and she'll sing the theme song.

According to WWD, Cotton Inc. sought to explore the more editorial side of fashion in this year's campaign, which is why they chose the sartorially-savvy Bosworth. She'll be styled by her friend Cher Coulter and Anthony Franco, and will wear looks by the likes of Preen, Prada and Nina Ricci. The company will also put upwards of 20 behind-the-scenes videos on its site, fabricofourlives.com.

What makes Cotton's pick interesting, however, is that Kate has no musical training, and in the grand tradition of cotton commercials, she will be singing the theme song!

Congrats Kate!

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