Kate Gosselin Wants To Get In Liam Neeson's Pants

Dec 07th, 2009

Once a fame whore, always a fame whore. What's next when you're no longer the main focus on Us Weekly, Life & Style, and Star covers? You search for your next 15 minutes of fame elsewhere. For Kate Gosselin, she hopes to nab Mr. Liam Neeson as her next target.

Kate Gosselin’s divorce will be final by the end of the year and she’s thinking about her romantic future. For years, she has harbored a crush on recently widowed Liam Neeson and she wants to meet him. Kate knows that Liam is still mourning the loss of his wife Natasha Richardson, so she’s biding her time. She has a mutual friend in the entertainment industry willing to introduce her to Liam when the timing seems right. Kate figures a single father is her best bet. (source)

Nothin' like causing a stir by trying to get with a dude who's coping with the death of his actress wife. A low for one of the Gosselins? Never heard of such a thing. Run, Liam. Run as fast as you can.

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