Kate Gosselin's Rumored Crush On A 'Dancing With the Stars' Engaged Co-Star

Apr 09th, 2010

While I'm sure this is garbage considering it's from the National Enquirer (but hey, they have been right on some things--ah hem Tiger Woods), Kate Gosselin's looking to snag an engaged man...or just giving producers of The Bachelor to make her the next bachelorette.

"Kate is totally unfazed by the fact that [ex-Bachelor Jake Pavelka] is engaged, and she's making it clear that they could have a future," an insider told The ENQUIRER. "Kate's got a big ego and an even bigger crush on Jake, and she doesn't care who knows it."

"Kate's never looked better, so she feels she could snare a hot guy like Jake," another source divulged. "She also believes all's fair in love and war. Since Jake isn't married yet, she thinks he's fair game.

Sorry, but it's pretty doubtful Jake's going to leave some young, kidless chick for a mother of eight...who I don't even know you can consider a mother since she's at the salon more than she's with her kids. She's more of a trainwreck than Pamela Anderson is on this show.

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