Kate Hudson & Alex Rodriguez: A Match Made in Real Estate Heaven

Jun 12th, 2009

Not only can a real estate agent land you a nice, new pad, but he can also play matchmaker for Alex Rodriguez and Kate Hudson. So A-Rod’s real estate dude and long-time friend, Adam Modlin is being held responsible for introducing the baseball slugger to hoochie mama, Kate Hudson. There’s nothing wrong with being a hoochie mama, kids...if anything, she weeds out the bad ones in bed. We could learn a thing or two!

Apparently Modlin introduced the two new lovebirds as early as November of ’08 in Miami at the Fontainebleau hotel opening. But there was another blonde in the picture back then—Madonna. Looks like A-Rod’s trying to keep ‘em younger this time around!

A source reveals, "Adam has known Kate for a while, as well. He's been showing her townhouses in the West Village for about a year now. He thought Alex and Kate would like one another, and sure enough, when they connected, it was a home run." (source)

The two have been recently spotted playing a nice few games of tonsil hockey around New York and hanging each other’s no-no’s all over one another at the 40/40 club. Hey, at least he’s substituted some Hudson for roids.

The source adds that "Alex was holding Kate's hand the whole time and stealing kisses whenever he could. He is so into her and doesn't even mind when his friends tease him about her." (source)

Golly gee! It’s like high school all over again.

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