Kate Hudson Is The Legendary Psycho Ex-Girlfriend

Jan 05th, 2010

Who knew baseball statistics and steroids could do so much to a lady? Sure, if this was your regular average Jane, we'd get it. But it's Kate Hudson and it's not like she needs any of Alex Rodriguez's millions. Then again it is Kate and if we know our Kate well, she's a man eater. If things don't go Kate's way, beware.

So what's been up with Kate ever since A-Rod gave her the boot? Looks like she's taking it much harder than expected. To the point where she's calling and texting about getting him back and getting hitched. OOOOOKAY.

According to Betty Confidential:

Breaking up is hard to do. Just ask Kate Hudson, who has been leaving phone messages for her ex, Alex Rodriguez, frequently since they split earlier this month. An insider tells BettyConfidential that the Nine star has been reaching out to A-Rod but the Yankee third baseman isn’t taking her calls.

“Kate realizes now that she drove Alex away by being so pushy about marriage,’’ the source says. “She’s left him messages, but he hasn’t returned her calls. She wants to talk to him about how they can work it out without having to tie the knot.”

But Alex is telling friends that he’s moved on. According to the insider, A-Rod’s told pals that he’s not angry with Kate — he still has feelings for her — but he doesn’t believe that she would settle for anything less than marriage. “He thinks that after a month or two, she’ll start needling him about setting the date and he’s not ready to get married again." (source)

We doubt A-Rod's packing any type of heat down there so what's so appealing? Then again Kate is a small girl so we assume a ween the size of a peanut satisfies her fully. Like a snickers. Snicker d*ck.

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