Kate Hudson's Mama Thinks She's A Little Loose

Jun 08th, 2009

Kate Hudson's pretty much known for two things: 1)endless rom-com's and 2)she's pretty much gone through the Hollywood line-up (we still love her regardless)! But mama, Goldie Hawn, sure doesn't approve of Kate's relationship ways. And according to The Daily Mail, she has begged that Kate get rid of Alex Rodriguez and stand alone for a hot minute.

A source said, "Kate’s had a string of boyfriends since her divorce from Chris Robinson and it’s always the same pattern – she falls hard and fast, then gets bored or has her heart broken. Goldie hates the idea of seeing Kate getting hurt again." (source)

She's also apparently introduced A-Rod to her son already. While we find it kind that Goldie may have intervened, we still don't find Kate and her hustling ways a problem. It gives us something to read about and many of us loners a person to compare with. Unfortunately, most of us loners aren't racking up $350 million dollar baseball players.

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