Kate Moss & Simon Cowell Join Forces to Create Mega Fashion Brand

Jul 14th, 2009

In what appears to be the oddest pairing since God knows what, leave it to Simon Cowell and his millions to surprise us all. When you have the world in your hands, there's little to cover so you dig down deep to find out what's missing. And would you know it? Mr. Cowell himself has found fashion as his new frontier with Kate Moss on board.

He intends to form a global entertainment super-company with Top Shop owner, Philip Green. With their eyes on the competition, they have turned to Moss by asking her to join the team. Her main job will be to direct the "style and image" of the yet to be named brand.

A close source says, "Kate has been signed as a figurehead and style setter for the fashion end of the business. She will bring her expertise to the table, advising on all branding and style for clothes, hair and accessories." (source)

And we call this a coincidence since it's rumored that Kate is developing her own singing career and starting a music label. Who said models only knew to throw the right foot in front of the other? They can snort coke, throw up, flash panties, and even take the music world by storm.

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