Katie Holmes Filming Dancing Segment for "So You Think You Can Dance"

Jun 17th, 2009

Katie Holmes, dancing, and So You Think You Can Dance in the same sentence? Here we thought she was Tom Cruise's ultimate Stepford Wife. We guess he gave her the O.K.? Or maybe he knew he couldn't put his tapping shoes on so he wanted Katie to live the dream for him. Not many are fond of dancing leprechauns.

Make sure to tune in when Katie comes to a TV near you. The Dawson's Creek alum will be appearing on the hit TV dancing reality series after all. On Sunday our warped alien was spotted arriving on set at CBS Studios in dance attire. This was all after she apparently sat down with producers to discuss her appearance.

Judge Nigel Lythgoe confirmed that he had spoken with the, we guess, actress about being on the show and that they were planning "something very, very, very special."

Homegirl is apparently in intense rehearsals for the performance that could either be for this season or next. Oh and she's performing a "slinky Broadway-inspired number." We think this is the weirdest crap since Michael Jackson--uh--did anything strange. Suri Cruise is slated to choreograph. We shouldn't have to tell you we're kidding.

Speaking of not kidding, Jeanine Mason has her very own So You Think You Can Dance Dress Up game - go check it out!

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