Ke$ha Likes To Grab Crotches

Apr 20th, 2011

Are we surprised by this headline? One would think not considering it's Ke$ha. What worries me most is that an actual living male allowed her to do this to him. Let's cut to the chase. Basically Ke$ha was spotted with her hands all over an unidentified male's, erm, crot ch.

Ke$ha lived up to her risqué reputation at Tenjune Thursday morning. After performing at Roseland, the singer arrived at her after-party at the Meatpacking District club around 12:30 a.m. with friends and bandmates. After yelling, "Who is going to get laid tonight?!" over the PA, a source says Ke$ha, drinking vodka mixed with energy drink, began "grinding" on a guy with "long, straight brown hair" in the VIP area. Without missing a step, our insider says she unbuttoned the dude's pants and reached into the dark abyss. The two danced a few moments before, we hear, Ke$ha switched partners.

I'll have nightmares tonight.

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