Kelly Osbourne's Getting Rid Of Her Tattoo's

Oct 11th, 2010

Kelly Osbourne hasn't finished her entire make-over yet. Sure she's lost an incredible amount of weight, spiced up her wardrobe, and now wears attractive make-up, but she still has those tattoo's that cover many parts of her bod. So what's a girl to do? When you're loaded, it's easy. Get 'em removed!

Kelly wrote in her weekly Closer magazine column: "Some still have a special meaning, like the matching ones my brother Jack and I have of each other's names, but I now feel like some were a mistake. They covered a few of them with make-up last week for a scene in my new film Should've Been Romeo - and I can't say I missed them!"

The 25-year-old said the first bits of body art she was going to target were a keyboard on her forearm and a heart and cross bones on her wrist.

She said: "I met with my dermatologist and I'll start the laser treatment as soon as I have time. It will take several months, and while I'm not looking forward to the pain, I've heard it hurts less than getting the tattoo. I hope so!"

Wonder how much that hurts.

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