Khloe Kardashian In A Bikini Makes Kim Kardashian In A Bikini Look Like A Really, Really Small Gal

Dec 03rd, 2009

Kim Kardashian is obviously a fit chick, but jesus put her younger sis Khloe Kardashian next to her in a bikini and she looks even TINIER. What the hell happened to Khloe? While her other two sisters got the small gene, something when a mock in the mixture for her...sad. She looks like Chyna gone haywire.

Anyway here's fame whore Kim posting pics of her and her sis in bikinis showing off their 'slamming' bods. Not to mention there are more of Kim doing God knows what. Yeah, we already showed you the solo Kim ones, but couldn't pass up the opportunity to talk about Gigantor.

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