Khloe Kardashian's Wedding Is A Sham!

Oct 01st, 2009

Khloe Kardashian's lucky her sister is who she is, otherwise that Chyna looking mug face wouldn't see the light of day on any magazine. Why try to trick us, boo? Looks like your wedding was a sham and TMZ has all of the details.

We've learned two high-powered family law attorneys are already squaring off, trying to hash out the prenup Odom wants as a condition to marriage. Neal Hersh is doing his bidding, while Lisa Meyer is repping Khloe. We're told the negotiations -- which began last Friday -- are already contentious.

Our sources say the couple will tie the knot -- legally -- once the prenup is inked. (source)

It's always about the prenup! No idea who makes more than the other (we assume Khloe due to her family), but then again Lamar's an NBA player. Either way, their kids will probably look like some bat out of hell, so avoid the wedding kids!

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Ana on 05/03/2010 @ 03:55

OMG you guys are so mean...bat out of hell HAHAHAH that's hilarious :)

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