Kim Kardashian & Cristiano Ronaldo Caught Making Out

Apr 16th, 2010

Go 'head Kim, get down, get down! And what a way to get down with footballer hottie, Cristiano Ronaldo. has learned exclusively that Kim Kardashian spent a total of three days in Madrid and most of her time was dedicated to the sexy sports star. In the battle of who has the better pick up post-break up Kim Vs. Reggie Bush: we find Jessie James has nothing on Ronaldo.

The two were spotted making out in a Madrid restaurant. According to Perez's source:

"She and Ronaldo were kissing and very affectionate. They looked to be getting on really well, laughing the whole time."

After the two dined together, they went back to his house for four hours before she left the following day. Something tells me a nice game of backgammon did not take place.

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