Kim Kardashian Pumps Gas Like She's Pumping Reggie Bush

Oct 14th, 2009

It's nice to know that even if you're paid millions of g's to do nothing, but flash your a$$ that you can get out of your car and pump your own gas. Kim Kardashian, we know it must be tough for you to get that budunkadunk out of the driver's seat, but kudos for giving the paps what they wanted. A nice shot of you pumping gas.

We all should be so lucky to look so glamorous when pumping gas. We usually have our make-up applied perfectly and usually sport $1,000 boots, too. Oh, Kim we're just like so totally super happy that out of your BUSY day of bossing people around and yapping to E! network cameras, that you were able to do this! How great!

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