Kim Kardashian's So Popular That She'll Quit Her Own Show

Mar 18th, 2010

Keeping Up With The Kardashians may have made Kim Kardashian much more famous than what she was known for previously (eh hem, Ray J's play toy), but looks like Kim may not be back next season if the price isn't right. Reason? Kim's so popular the show may not be able to afford to keep her.

"Kim's advisors feel that it's time to explore bigger deals on bigger networks,” a television business insider with knowledge of the ongoing negotiations tells exclusively. “She's right to feel like she doesn't need to open up her personal life to make a living on TV. It looks like Kim can make a lot more money than the TV show can pay her, especially through her endorsement deals and doing appearances on bigger network shows.”

Apparently some whacko commercial execs pay Kim so much money that the amount she's paid for her reality show doesn't come close. Yes, people actually pay this chick to roll salad around her mouth for a burger company commercial. I can't handle this show as is, so the sooner it's off the air, the better.

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