Kirsten Dunst Is A Drunk, Hot Mess---Rehab AGAIN?

Sep 08th, 2009

Does Kirsten Dunst need another stint in alcohol rehab? It seems so after these pictures surfaced showcasing a very messy and drunken Dunst. Can you believe this is the little girl in Jumanji? Who thought she'd grow up, play Mary Jane, and end up in Rehab all before her mid-20s?

MORE HELP NEEDED? Kirsten Dunst, who has been photographed looking very wasted recently, has friends thinking the actress perhaps should consider a return to rehab -- or at least another attempt at maintaining her sobriety. Dunst has been spied slurping a lot of vodka both in Hollywood and in Mississippi, where she's been spending a lot of the summer visiting family. (source)

Well, at least she's not as famous as Lindsay Lohan or people would be laughing at her expense. Way to go!

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