Kirstie Alley is Bigger Than a Smart Car, Too Fat for Supermarket

Mar 31st, 2009

In all due respect, those cars are so very tiny! On a much bigger side note, you know you're large and in charge unattractive when you ask the manager of a grocery store to lock their doors so you can shop in the privacy of your own fatty corpuscles. Kirstie Alley wanted to make sure no patrons were able to capture her fat ass via cell phone and upload it to the Internets. Too late and too bad. Can we get a price check on dignity please, price check on extra large pack of dignity...

Kirstie Alley asked a Hollywood supermarket to shut down while she shopped -- so other customers couldn't use their cell phones to take pictures of the food in her shopping cart!

"She actually called the Mayfair Market and requested they lock their doors for about an hour so she could do her grocery shopping," a pal told the Enquirer. "She said she was terrified someone would shoot a cell phone picture of her pushing a cart loaded with fattening foods."

The store manager's response?

"He thanked her for her patronage but turned her down," divulged the pal.

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