Knockout Kim Kardashian Jumps In The Ring For A Good Cause

Nov 04th, 2009

Is there anything Kim Kardashian doesn't look good doing?

The sharp-shooter was joined by the rest of the Kardashian crew at the Commerce Casino for a fund raising event. The Kardashian Charity Knock Out raised money for the Dream Foundation by inviting brawlers to step in the ring--for a price. After watching a few episodes of their "hit" show on E!, no wonder there were more then a few takers. In one night the Kardashians made over $11,000.

All is fun and games until somebody gets hurt. Kim's not-so-little brother Rob Kardashian ended his fight with a trip to the hospital!

At one point Rob's mask fell off and when he put his hands down, he got hit in the face and ended up in the hospital with a concussion, (source)

blogged Kim.

Rob's a strong guy and can definitely hold his own, but he wasn't expecting to get hit after his mask had fallen off! This guy just got really down and dirty. (source)

Somebody had it out for Rob! With a sister like that, who wouldn't want to swing a few jealous punches?

Next up in the ring was Kim, who didn't give up despite her baby brother's concussion.

I didn't want to let the charity down, so I decided to get in the ring, (source)

she blogged.

Kim's moves weren't fast enough, when the match was over she walked away with a shiner. Careful Kim! That booty face of yours is worth a million bucks!

After witnessing the two injured Kardashian's, Khloe decided she wouldn't be the third and instead let the men end the night. Bruce Jenner and Scott Disick (Kourtney's beau) gave it a try, making the night a great success.

It was absolutely insane [but] at the end of the day, we did this for charity and that's what counts, (source)

gushed Kim.

Their show may be horrendous, but at least they're using their fame for a good cause! Let's face it, there are not many celebs who would take a punch for charity.

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