Kourtney Kardashian Has A Baby Boy, Get Ready For 'How I Lost My Baby Weight!' Covers Galore

Dec 16th, 2009

A little penis popped out of Kourtney Kardashian this week! The new hot mama has given birth to one healthy baby boy named Mason Dash Disick. Wow, named after you and your sister's store. Classic. Ironically enough, the baby daddy basically has Dick for a last name, sans the s, leave the extra i for some umph.

According to E!:

"Kourtney just delivered a healthy baby boy about an hour ago," her publicist said.

Mason Dash Disick arrived at an L.A.-area hospital, tipping the scales at 7 pounds, 6 ounces, and measuring 19.5 inches. (source)

I don't know if I ever wanted this to happen. I kind of just prayed this girl would stay pregnant because I think I'd rather have to deal with hearing about her disgusting pregnancy issues than now have to see her any every weekly mag for the next two months talking about how she lost her baby weight. It's called a tummy tuck. It's Hollywood, people. I won't stand for "Well, you know I just started running each day and eating very healthy." No, you have money out the yang for a trainer, nutritionist, and plastic surgeon. There's your answer.

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