Kourtney Kardashian's Scott Disick Is A D"is"ick

Mar 05th, 2010

Although we've pretty much known Kourtney Kardashian's baby daddy as an a-hole for the entire time they've dated, looks like some of his acquaintances are coming out of the wood work to confirm it. He isn't just a douche now, he was a doucher then.

Long before he gained fame on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Scott was known as a hard partier, a serial cheater and, as one high school acquaintance puts it, “a tool.” And as more and more information surfaces about Scott’s shady past, Kourtney wonders how long she’ll be able to put up with him. Jason Green, one of Scott’s former classmates from Long Island, N.Y.’s Ross School, agrees that Scott was bad news in high school. “There were just as many rumors about him then as there are now,” Jason tells In Touch. “Scott had a couple of nicknames in high school. One was Number One Scum, and the other was STD.”

A lot of guys might be embarrassed to have the initials “STD,” but Scott thought they enhanced his reputation as a ladies’ man! According to Jason, Scott was so proud to have the same initials as “sexually transmitted disease” that “he wore dog tags with ‘STD’ printed on them.”

This more than likely coming from an cheated on, angry ex girlfriend who is seeking revenge on the guy who found a meal ticket in Hollywood. I love it how they claim Scott wore STD (his initials) around his neck to enhance his rep as a ladies' man. Because any self respecting girl goes for a guy who basically uses a sexually transmitted disease as a way to entice the female population. Kourtney, check yo bay-bay and va-jay-jay.

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