Kristen Stewart Needs A Tan! 'New Moon' Trailer

Jun 04th, 2009

Twilight is the hottest thing next to Megan Fox right now. But leading lady, Kristen Stewart, might need a vacation in the sun...when you're paler than your on-screen vampire boyfriend, we got a problem here. So some news on the Twilight sequel, New Moon...

The movie trailer premiered during the MTV Movie Awards last Sunday and I didn't know that because I watched it--I knew it because of the million tween girls in my neighborhood who let out a shriek in unison when heartthrob and sexy vampire, Robert Pattinson, hit the screen...okay, so I may have shrieked a little, too.

And I also think there's some two-timing going on with these tweelight fanatics--these hussies just keep getting younger and younger. Although the character of Edward Cullen (the vampire played by Pattinson whose mane is the most magical thing I've ever seen) is the most popular and gives girls another dream to rack onto their ever expanding boyfriend list, there's a new HBIC in town--Jacob Black (the werewolf played by newly buffed 17-year-old, Taylor Lautner) who's giving Edward a run for his money, his chick, and muscles.

Summit Entertainment, who's in charge of this Twilight movie phenomenon, sure got the soft-core porn right on for its tween fan base (okay, so you don't have to be a tween since girls like myself in their 20s and moms alike in their 40s pine after this junk, too). When the trailer premiered with a shirtless Taylor, ladies round the world shouted, "THANK YOU, SUMMIT. THANK YOU!" He's underage unfortch, gotta be careful. Check out the trailer.

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