Kristen Stewart Turns the Big 22.

Apr 12th, 2012

Kristen Stewart Turns 22.

Happy belated birthday to Twilight star Kristen Stewart who turned 22 on the 9th of April.

I would’ve written about her birthday on her birthday but the dull brooding actress seemed to have done nothing out of the ordinary, or had any kind of celebration at all. So I though maybe I’d wait it out a couple days you know, hold out for some pictures of Stewart making a drunken fool of herself or on a tabletop like the ones we see of ever other young Hollywood starlet on their birthdays… but still nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing.

Kristen you have really out done yourself this time, could she be any more boring? All I can really hope for is that this year she grows out of this awkward teenage angst phase she seems to still be stuck in.

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