Lady GaGa Is A Nutty Beotch

Jun 22nd, 2010

And the saga that is Lady GaGa's life continues. Home girl is just a little bat shizz crazy, but what else do you expect when your record company makes you wear this kind of crap every day? I'd be irritable and cranky, too. Looks like GaGa has an issue with those who snap a pic of her when she's wearing a see-through outfit. Oh and she also likes to get hammered at the Yankee game wearing just a jersey, bra, and panties.

Lady Gaga continued her unladylike behavior at Asia de Cuba over the weekend. She dined with about 20 people at the Morgans Hotel restaurant dressed in a see-through gown with a nude veil. A fellow diner at a distant table slyly took her picture. "Gaga became noticeably upset, pushed her security team out of the way to confront the shutterbug and demanded he delete the photo," said a witness. The snapper obliged and Gaga cooled off and returned to dinner.

Now on to the Yankee game, if you haven't seen the pics yet, Gaga is watching the game and showing off her assets. What you don't see is that after the game, she snuck into the players clubhouse with a friend and got her arse kicked out. Something tells me not one of those players was happy about her being the celebrity who snuck in.

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